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Ah, a cozy little chat with my loyal readers... Welcome to the online edition of The Denver Mirror, where our motto is "All the news that's fit to expose."  Trust me when I tell you darlings, you won't be disappointed!

In my column we'll explore the happenings both on and off the set with maybe just a bit of innuendo along the way.  Considering that my life's work is to be viewed as "The Empress of Denver" rest assured that The Mirror will be filled with only sweetness and light. (If you believe that I know how you can buy my cousin's seven sunken tankers!) 

Now what was that personal mantra I was working on... Oh yes... Mirror, mirror on the wall, let's line up my enemies and laugh while they fall!

Enjoy the info darlings...

In sickness and in health
"Dynasty" beauty Catherine Oxenberg, whose July 1998 marriage to producer Robert Evans lasted a whopping 10 days. She left him when he tried to consummate their marriage
Why did Joan go daytime?
The official line is that she decided to do The Guiding Light because it's taped in Manhattan, where her husband--Percy Gibson, 32 years younger than she--works as a stage manager. However, let's not forget that the 69-year-old actress hasn't been getting all that many acting offers since she enjoyed her glory days on Dynasty.

I remember how grateful she was to land that show, because, as she told me, the demand--and payment--for guest actresses on a series was slight. Let's also not forget that Collins has sometimes been her own worst enemy when it comes to making friends and influencing people in the Industry.

I recall her beefing with Emmy show producer Gary Smith because she wasn't placed in the center slot position between Linda Evans and Diahann Carroll at the awards. And I remember seeing her in action as a judge of the Miss World competition in South Africa, where she took honors as Ms. Difficult, refusing to sign autographs, showing up nearly an hour late for a portion of the competition and causing such a fuss about the size of her hotel room that she was finally moved to another hotel where oversize quarters were available.

Certainly those involved with Dynasty could never forget her threats to leave the show if producer Aaron Spelling didn't capitulate to her salary-increase demands.

Ex-"All My Children" Star Sues ABC

In a court case worthy of a soap-opera storyline, actor Michael Nader is suing ABC for $32 million, claiming the network wrote him off the hit daytime drama All My Children while he was on medical leave.

The case--filed last week in New York State Supreme Court--has it all: drugs, betrayal, ruined careers and truckloads of cash.

Nader, whose AMC alter ego was the Erica Kane-courting Count Dimitri Marick, says in his suit that he needed to take medical leave in February 2001 after he "became ill."

Nader claims he was "ready, willing and able" to make his comeback in March 2001, but ABC "encouraged" him to remain on leave. By September, though, Nader was allegedly persona non grata at AMC, with ABC execs refusing to let him return to the soap. To make matters worse, Nader alleges, ABC also refused to release him from his contract--which means the actor couldn't work anywhere else.

According to Nader the network caused him severe stress and trashed his acting career when it deep-sixed his character. By offing the count, he alleges the network broke the contract he signed in April 2000, which was supposed to pay him $436,800 a year for four years, about $1.74 million.

In addition to the $1.74 million, he's seeking $25 million in compensatory damages and $5 million for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

One little detail the 57-year-old declines to mention in the court filing: During his "medical leave" he was actually in rehab following a narcotics bust in a seedy East Village after-hours bar. (He allegedly tried to sell a $20 bag of cocaine to an undercover cop.)

Nader eventually pleaded guilty to a reduced charge and was sentenced in May 2001 to three years' probation.

No comment yet from ABC on the lawsuit.

Even before the lawyers got involved, Nader's AMC tenure had its share of twists. He joined the soap as the lady-killing Hungarian count in 1991, was written out in 1999, resurrected in 2000 and then written out again the following year, following his arrest and rehab.

Nader got his start with bit parts in 1960s beach flicks like Pajama Party and Muscle Beach Party, before shooting to nighttime soap stardom as Joan Collins' love interest, Farnsworth "Dex" Dexter, on ABC's hugely popular Dynasty in the '80s.







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