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Dynasty - Multimedia
Dynasty Multimedia features clips and sounds from the hit television series.
Relive some of the best moments from the show such as Vals first visit to the beach to the final ever episode. You will need RealPlayer to view all the clips. If you do not have RealPlayer, you can download it free from

Download FREE RealOne Player here. You need it to view these clips

Season 1 recap

Alexis meets Fallon after 16 years apart

Blake meets Claudia in the hospital

Alexis meets Dominique

Caress and Alexis at the Ball

Alexis impersonates Caress

Sammy Jo wants to have fun.

Daniels will is read

Alexis' sister Caress comes to town

1986-87 clips

Alexis makes an election speech

Sean threatens Leslie with a snake

Sean threatens to kill Alexis

Sammy Jo and Jeff kiss

Fallon, Adam and Steven discover the mystery bidder

Ted is killed during a fight with Blake

Massacre in Moldavia







Alexis - Queen of Soaps pt 1
Alexis - Queen of Soaps pt 2
Alexis - Queen of Soaps pt 3
True Hollywood 1
True Hollywood 2
True Hollywood 3
Season 1 Video Intro
Season 2 Video Intro
Season 3 Video Intro
Season 4 Video Intro
Season 5 Video Intro
Season 6 Video Intro
Season 7 Video Intro
Season 8 Video Intro
Season 9 Video Intro
Reunion Video Intro
Colbys Season 2 Intro
Reunion 1991 Clips
Reunion Video Intro
Alexis and Adam talk
Blake meets up with Bart and Steven
Alexis and Krystle meet again after 3 years
Blake and Krystle reunite
Jeff finds Fallon with Miles
Kirby and Adam meet again
Alexis and Krystle fight
The end scenes
Streaming Media using Real Video. Much more to come soon. Choose a clip and view.

Season 1 Theme

Season 2 Theme

Season 3 Theme

Season 4 Theme

Season 5 Theme

Season 6 Theme

Season 7 Theme

Season 8 Theme

Season 9 Theme

1991 Reunion Theme

1991 end theme

Colbys Theme

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