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Blake Alexander Carrington

Blake Carrington is a debonair family man who scraped his way to the top.  He is the elder son of Thomas and Ellen Carrington and has a brother Benjamin.  Blake worked throughout his youth on oil rigs and went to the School of Mines at night.  In 1954, his then best friend Cecil Colbyís girlfriend introduced him to a lovely young lady named Alexis Morrell.   Blake was immediately smitten and after only three days, he proposed marriage.  They were engaged for all of three weeks before getting married.  Cecil Colby served as the best man and the new Mr. and Mrs. Blake Carrington set out on their adventurous life together.

In 1955, Alexis gave birth to their first child.  Blake was ecstatic with the birth of their son Adam Alexander Carrington and vowed that he would eventually become one of the wealthiest men in the world.  The young coupleís life was turned completely upside-down when Adam was kidnapped.  They waited for a ransom note but nothing ever came.  As the months dragged on Blake became distant and cold.  Instead of sharing his feelings about their missing son, Blake poured all of his energy into building Denver Carrington into a small powerhouse in the oil industry.  When Alexis gave birth to their daughter Fallon, Blake showered his baby girl with attention and was once again pleased with the arrival of their third child Steven.  Three years had passed with no word about their firstborn child so Blake ordered the search for Adam called off and continued his quest for wealth. 

The early 60s were wonderful years for Blake Carrington.  Denver Carrington One had come in and made him extremely wealthy.  His business was slowly making its way up the financial ladder and his children were wonderfully happy.  Unfortunately his wife wasnítÖ  In 1965, Blake came back from another of his endless business trips and discovered Alexis in bed with Roger Grimes.  He beat Grimes with a candlestick and then paid him off if he agreed not to press charges.  Turning his anger on Alexis he ordered her to leave their home and to sign over full custody of the children.  Blake sent Andrew Laird to force Alexis to agree to Blakeís demands and told her that she was never to see or contact the children again.  In exchange, Blake set up a trust fund of $250,000 per year to keep her away.  Faced with raising the children on his own, Blake sent them to boarding schools and let them run wild.

In 1980 Blake fell in love with and married his secretary Krystle Grant Jennings.  Despite the protests from Fallon and Stevenís announcement that he is gay, Blake struggled to maintain peace in the family.  After he accidentally killed Stevenís former lover Ted Dinard, Blake was put on trial for murder.  The trial brought out sorted details of the Carrington familyís past but no one could have prepared Blake and his family for what was still to come:  the return of Alexis Morrell Carrington.

On the stand Alexis explained nearly every detail of their ďenforcedĒ divorce.  In what was perceived to be a foolish move on his part, Blake refused to allow Andrew to cross-examine Alexis.  Blake was convicted of Manslaughter and sentenced to probation. 

Blake was furious when Alexis moved into the studio in the backyard of the Carrington mansion.  He threatened to burn the studio down with her in it when he learned of her involvement in Krystleís miscarriage.  He was even less pleased when Alexis announced that she and Cecil Colby were getting married and the reception would be on the Carrington mansionís lawn.

Cecilís death both complicated Blakeís life and did him a favor at the same time.  It complicated it because Alexis was now at the helm of ColbyCo with the instructions to ruin him financially.  It did him a favor because since she was now one of the wealthiest women in the country, she moved out of the backyard studio.  Not getting a break at all, Blakeís first fight was to retain control of Denver Carrington when Alexis had controlling interest in the company and announced a merger.  The merger was called off because of Adamís deception.  Alexis continued to be a thorn in his side every chance she got.

There were however, a few moments when they saw eye to eye and behaved as responsible parents.  When Steven was presumed dead, Blake was so guilt-ridden that he went into denial and searched the world for his missing son.  He was absolutely jubilant when Steven was found alive and well.  When Fallon supposedly died in a plane crash, he went into a deep depression and was mournful every time he heard her name but was overjoyed when he learned she was living in California at the Colby mansion. 

There were only two bright spots during that time.  Krystle became pregnant and delivered a little girl they named Krystina and Blake learned that Alexis had given birth to a girl after she had been banished from Denver.  Amanda Bedford was also his child. 

When Alexis made a pass at him and he rebuffed her advances, she declared war again.  This time bringing Blakeís brother Ben back to Denver to sue for part of his fatherís estate.  Blake was furious when he saw his brother.  He blamed Ben for their motherís death and completely disowned him decades before.  Blake was horrified when Ben and Alexis won the case and more so when Alexis announced she owned the Carrington mansion and Denver Carrington.  Courtesy of a letter from Emily Fallmont, Blake managed to regain possession of both the mansion and company.

He went through hell when Krystina suddenly became ill and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.  He felt incredibly weak when all he could do was stand by and pray that a donor could be found in time to save his three-year-old angel.  Blake was relieved when Krystina pulled through and his love for Krystle was stronger than ever. 

Always having political ambitions, Blake entered the race to become Coloradoís Governor.  He appeared to be doing well in the polls but Alexis decided to throw her hat into the ring and became a spoiler.  Although Blake was dead set against her being in the race at all, he was grateful when she took a bullet meant for him.

A few years later, his love for Krystle would be tested again when she formed a brain tumor and underwent surgery in Switzerland.  Blake came back in mourning because he had been told that there was nothing he could do for his comatose wife.  After his return, Blake was the number one suspect in the murder of Roger Grimes.  Grimesí body was found floating in the lake on the Carrington property.  While Blake, Dex and Jeff were trying to clear him of any suspicion they discovered that their fathers had been involved in war crimes and had plundered millions in treasures from the Naziís.  The material was all stored in tunnels under the mansion. 

Blake was being threatened by Captain Handler to turn over the collection and was informed that Fallon and Krystina were being held captive.  A fight ensued in the foyer of the mansion and Blake as well as Captain Handler was shot.  Handler died and Blake was put in prison.  He was released after two years and spent his time clearing his name and getting Denver Carrington and all of his holdings back from a consortium that had taken over with a little help from Adam.  Krystle had made a complete recovery and the two were back in each others arms.



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