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In December 1984, TV Guide assembled a "no-nonsense panel of experts" to select the 10 most beautiful women on television. Dynasty's Linda Evans came in third behind Jaclyn Smith and on-screen nemesis Joan Collins. Evans received high marks from beauty and skincare expert Aida Gray for her "style, elegance and total beauty. A wonderful figure and a sweet temperament that shows through."

The actresses on the list — Connie Sellecca, Diahann Carroll, Priscilla Presley — appeared on a handful of prime time soap operas that mirrored the excesses of the Reagan era. Shoulder pads and Nolan Miller originals disappeared from television, but many '80s actresses continued to favor big hair.

"I thought Linda Evans should have cut her hair off a long time ago," hairstylist Allen Edwards says. "Her one-length haircut was beautiful, but how long can you wear the same haircut? But these women sort of became their characters in real life."

"Sometimes actresses get more difficult when they become more famous," Edwards adds. "When they're new, they're more vulnerable, they're more open. Then, as they get bigger, they say, 'I think it should be more like this...' Especially in the '80s. The '80s actress was a much more insecure actress. Their whole career was based on their looks," he explains. "Go back to a Knots Landing or a Dallas. Those women never changed their hair, ever."

Edwards, who has worked with Jenna Elfman, Donna Mills and Julianne Moore, thinks many women "look at their hair as more of a necessity instead of something to play with. They get caught up in, 'What's the perfect hairstyle for me?' And there really isn't. They have to look at it like clothes — something you change all the time and have fun with."

What face shape and hair texture are suited for this style?
Straight hair and any face shape (but round) work for Linda Evans's signature hairstyle.

Is it easy to maintain at home after the initial cut?
No. Erin Elliott recommends "mousse and hairspray... the '80s must-haves" for the Dynasty-obsessed.

Cultural impact:
"This was the '80s and everyone watched [Dynasty and Dallas]. I really don't know why this was popular," Elliott admits. "I think the '80s were about bad hair. It goes without saying that I think this is awful."

Don't do the 'do if?
"you want to look cool."

1 Use hot rollers.

2 Blow it under with a round brush.

3 Blow back the top and finger through it.


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