Season 9


198. Broken Krystle
Guest Stars: Marsha Clark (Dr. Susan Aames) Jack Bannon (Dennis) Ben Piazza (Dr. Charles Hampton) Mitchell Edmonds (Coe) Virginia Hawkins (Jeanette Robbins) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington) Brandon Bluhm (Little Blake) Justin Burnette (Danny Carrington)

Sean gets killed by the gunshot and dies. Alexis and Dex goes to LA to calm down after the
dramatic incident. Dana leaves Adam. Sammy Jo accepts Jeff's proposal. Krystle is nowhere to be found and Blake's getting nervous. He finds out that she's been behaving strange the last time. Jeff and Sammy Jo go out to a lake, where Krystle usually goes when she wants to be alone, and they find her diary and a dead body.

Broadcast: 02-Nov-1988 Directed by: Irving J. Moore

Info Alert: Linda Evans (Krystle) does not appear in this episode. Leann Hunley (Dana) departs the cast and makes her final appearance on the show.
Beginning with this episode, ABC moved "Dynasty" from its Wednesday time slot to the Thursday 9:00 p.m. time slot, where it faced "Cheers" on NBC.


199. A Touch of Sable
Guest Stars: Liza Morrow (Virginia Metheny) Christopher Neame (Hamilton Stone) Ray Abruzzo (Sgt. John Zorelli) Jesse D. Goins (Lyons) Jonathan Perpich (McWorther) Brandon Bluhm (Little Blake)

The body turns out to be a young man, and Blake now reports the whole thing to the police.
The police put out an APB on Krystle, and they find her car abandoned, stolen by a thief called Eddie McPhee. Adam finds Steven's letter, and throws it in the fireplace after reading it. Fallon, however, finds the remains of it later. Dex and Alexis continue their romance in LA and bump into Sable, Alexis' cousin (see episode 123). Blake gets a call from Krystle's cousin, Virginia Metheny, in Dayton, Ohio, and it turns out Krystle's with her. Blake emmediately goes to Dayton and reveals to Virginia that Krystle probably has a brain damage after her fall from the horse eight years ago (see episode 21).

Broadcast: 10-Nov-1988 Directed by: Irving J. Moore

Info Alert: Stephanie Beacham joins the cast, reprising "The Colbys" role of Alexis's cousin Sable Colby. Linda Evans (Krystle) does not appear in this episode.


200. She's Back
Guest Stars: Liza Morrow (Virginia Metheny) Ray Abruzzo (Sgt. John Zorelli) Lou Beatty Jr (Rudy Richards) Stella Hall (Claire Tennyson) Jesse D. Goins (Lyons) Jack Bannon (Dennis) Edward Quinlan (Clarence) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington)

Adam still tries desperately to get his son back from the Atkinsons, who have now left
Denver. The police find more evidence of Krystle being at the lake, but she doesn't remember anything about being there, and can't recall going to Dayton. Alexis is in Natumbe to straighten out some problems with a few tankers, and Dex is meanwhile stuck home at ColbyCo, tidying up after all the damage Sean made when he was in control. Adam uses Steven's old secretary, Claire, to get information. Everybody learns about Steven's leaving. Krystle and Blake go to the morgue to look at the body, and Blake seems to recognize the man.

Broadcast: 30-Nov-1988 Directed by: Nancy Malone

Info Alert: Joan Collins (Alexis) does not appear in this episode.


201. Body Trouble
Guest Stars: Ray Abruzzo (Sgt. John Zorelli) Stella Hall (Claire Tennyson) Hank Brandt (Morgan Hess) Ben Piazza (Dr. Charles Hampton) Michael Fairman (Dr. Westhaven) Jesse D. Goins (Lyons) May Baldwin (Florence) Justin Burnette (Danny Carrington)

Blake claims he can't recognize the body. Dex has problems in ColbyCo. The ColbyCo controller, Fritz Heath, seems to have disappeared. Jeff joins Adam and Fallon in Denver-Carrington. Blake starts doing investigations in the mansion basement, looking through old files. It turns out he has a photograph of him together with the dead man. Adam's hired Morgan Hess to do research about the Atkinsons, and but he's not pleased with the work. Krystle starts having nightmares about the lake and the body, and she and Blake decide to let the doctors check her. Fallon gets to look at the body, and thinks it's something familiar about him. Sable starts investigating Krystle's doctor affairs, and learns about her illness. During a small dinner party at the mansion, Krystle flips out and starts throwing plates. Officer John Zorelli shows up at the mansion and tells that the body turns out to have been dead for 20-30 years.

Broadcast: 07-Dec-1988 Directed by: Dwight Adair

Info Alert: Joan Collins (Alexis) does not appear in this episode.


202. Alexis in Blunderland
Guest Stars: Ray Abruzzo (Sgt. John Zorelli) Kim Terry-Costin (Joanna Sills) Stella Hall (Claire Tennyson) Kenneth Tigar (Fritz Heath) Christopher Neame (Hamilton Stone) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington)

Alexis comes back to Denver and decides to sell The Carlton. Fritz Heath also returns after
being away. He tells Alexis that ColbyCo's just lost $39 million. Dex suspects Heath himself to be behind it, but he's been loyal to the company for 20 years. Sammy Jo learns about Jeff sleeping with Fallon, and brakes up with him. She also has a real mud wrestling fight with Fallon, but they make up. Blake continues looking around in the basement. Adam sleeps with Claire. Blake receives important news about Krystle.

Broadcast: 14-Dec-1988 Directed by: Nancy Malone


203. Every Picture Tells a Story
Guest Stars: Liza Morrow (Virginia Metheny) Ray Abruzzo (Sgt. John Zorelli) Kim Terry-Costin (Joanna Sills) Stella Hall (Claire Tennyson) Ben Piazza (Dr. Charles Hampton) Virginia Hawkins (Jeanette Robbins) Rocky Giardani (Arnie)

Krystle goes with Blake to California to do new tests. Virginia also comes there to keep them company. Alexis, Dex and Jeff investigate ColbyCo's great money losses, and find out that Heath was helping Sean swindling. Alexis plans to first pretend she relies on him, and then at the end, cut his throat. Adam fires Claire. Dex helps Alexis selling The Carlton to Joanna Stills and her company, Pavilian Resorts. It afterwards turns out that the owner of Pavilian Resorts is Sable.
Alexis is furious and blames Dex. Fallon finds the picture of Blake and the dead guy, and soon both Jeff, Sable, Blake and Alexis knows about it. It turns out that the body is Roger Grimes, Alexis old lover. Alexis is convinced that Blake killed him, and swears she'll make him pay.

Broadcast: 21-Dec-1988 Directed by: Bruce Bilson


204. The Last Hurrah
Guest Stars: Ray Abruzzo (Sgt. John Zorelli) Liza Morrow (Virginia Metheny) Kim Terry-Costin (Joanna Sills) Ben Piazza (Dr. Charles Hampton) J. Eddie Peck (Roger Grimes)

A mugger tries to probably rob Krystle, Virginia and Sammy Jo, and Virginia strangely enough beats him up. The doctor tells Krystle her only chance of survival is surgery, but she might not live through it. Blake wants to remarry Krystle before the operation. Alexis is still convinced that Blake killed Roger Grimes. Dex sleeps with Joanna. Krystle warns Alexis about hurting Blake.

Broadcast: 04-Jan-1989 Directed by: Dwight Adair


205. The Wedding
Guest Stars: Liza Morrow (Virginia Metheny) Gene Butler (Painter) Stan Sells (Gibson) Virginia Hawkins (Jeanette Robbins) William Beckley (Gerard) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington) Robert L. Benwitt (Robert (Waiter)) Brandon Bluhm (Little Blake) Justin Burnette (Danny Carrington) Gene Knight (Maitre'D)

Krystle learns that Virginia grew up on the street since she was 15 years old, but has never
told anyone in the family. An old Vietnam buddy of Dex's helps investigating Fritz Heath and the missing ColbyCo money. Fallon keeps having dreams about her and Roger Grimes. Sable helps Krystle with a her new charity project for homeless people. Blake and Dex are worried that a secret between the Carringtons, the Colbys and the Dexters will be publicized. Seeing a man in a restaurant, Krystle recognizes him from one of her nightmares about the lake. This man turns out to be a diver, working for Sable, to find out things about the lake. Virginia meets Dex and seems to recognize him. Krystle makes Blake sign a deal saying that if her operation don't work, they'll automatically be divorced, and Krystle will be placed in a hospital far from her family. They have a beautiful wedding with the family present. They unfortunately have to go straight to Switzerland to get the operation after the wedding.

Broadcast: 11-Jan-1989 Directed by: Jerry Jameson

Info Alert: Linda Evans (Krystle) departs the cast and makes her final appearance on the show. Joan Collins (Alexis) does not appear in this episode.


206. Ginger Snaps
Guest Stars: Liza Morrow (Virginia Metheny) Ray Abruzzo (Sgt. John Zorelli) Kim Terry-Costin (Joanna Sills) Kenneth Tigar (Fritz Heath) John Brandon (Captain William Handler) Ben Piazza (Dr. Charles Hampton) Lou Beatty Jr (Rudy Richards) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington)

The operation fails and Krystle is in a coma and will probably never wake up. A devastated
Blake returns to Denver. Sammy Jo is struck down in the stable at Delta Rho by a mysterious guy snooping around. He looses a knife with the inscription: "To my scuba with love. Edy." Sammy Jo sleeps with Jeff. More money disappears from ColbyCo accounts, but Fritz claims he's got full control. Blake and Dex discusses what to do about their secret. Apparently, a long time ago, Tom Carrington, Sam Dexter and Jason Colby had a mining company at the place where the lake is now. A serious happening made them swear to secrecy, but after the discovery of Roger Grimes, keeping it secret may be difficult. Fallon sleeps with John Zorelli. Jeff insinuates that Sable is in Denver to take Krystle's place. Virginia makes Dex remember who she is.

Broadcast: 25-Jan-1989 Directed by: Kate Swofford Tilley

Info Alert: Joan Collins (Alexis) does not appear in this episode.


207. Delta Woe
Guest Stars: Ray Abruzzo (Sgt. John Zorelli) Kim Terry-Costin (Joanna Sills) Liza Morrow (Virginia Metheny) Lou Beatty Jr (Rudy Richards) Stan Sells (Gibson) Kenneth Tigar (Fritz Heath) Jack Heller (Aly Samarkian) Virginia Hawkins (Jeanette Robbins) J. Eddie Peck (Roger Grimes)

Dex remembers Virginia from a romance 10 years ago. Fallon and Zorelli fight. Sable
wants to make a deal with Fritz to get inside information from ColbyCo. Blake is angry with Fallon for being with Zorelli. Sable tells Blake that Grimes had secret meetings with Jason in the beginning of her marriage. Dex and Sable find out that Fritz has a gambling problem. Sable hears about the incident with Sammy Jo in the stables and is convinced her spy, Gibson, is the one who did it.
She commands him to leave Denver. Sammy Jo again discovers someone at Delta Rho, and after a number of gunshots at each other, a fire is started, while they are both left unconscious on the floor.

Broadcast: 01-Feb-1989 Directed by: Dwight Adair

Info Alert: Joan Collins (Alexis) does not appear in this episode.


208. Tankers, Cadavers to Chance
Guest Stars: Liza Morrow (Virginia Metheny) Ray Abruzzo (Sgt. John Zorelli) Kim Terry-Costin (Joanna Sills) Stan Sells (Gibson) Lou Beatty Jr (Rudy Richards) Justin Burnette (Danny Carrington)

Sammy Jo is rescued from the fire and put into hospital. Gibson is arrested and Sable promises to help him out. Fallon and Zorelli reconcile and end up in bed. Dex tries to apologize to Virginia.
Adam finds out about their previous affair and uses it to get close to Virginia. They sleep
together. Alexis returns to Denver after a number of bribes and pay-offs in Natumbe. Blake and Dex continue covering the family secret and talks about a "collection" of some kind which is associated with a number of crimes. Dex sleeps with Alexis. Zorelli is taken off the Roger Grimes case. Sable manage to secretly get her hands on Alexis' tankers.

Broadcast: 08-Feb-1989 Directed by: Kate Swofford Tilley


209. All Hands on Dex
Guest Stars: Ed Marinaro (Creighton Boyd) Liza Morrow (Virginia Metheny) Kim Terry-Costin (Joanna Sills) Kevin Bernhardt (Tanner McBride) Ray Abruzzo (Sgt. John Zorelli) John Brandon (Captain William Handler) Christopher Neame (Hamilton Stone) Stan Sells (Gibson) Jed Gillin (Officer Hansen)

Alexis hires a terrorist, Creighton Boyd, to get back at Sable. Blake and Fallon are growing
more and more apart. Jeff turns out to know more about Colterton than Blake assumed. After a funny incident at the hospital, Sammy Jo meets Tanner McBride, who works with helping homeless teenagers. Alexis suspects Dex of having an affair with Sable. Gibson tells Blake about his business with Sable, and Blake is furious. Adam makes a rude, indecent pass at Virginia, trying to make her look like a hooker. Sable and Joanna buy Heath's marker from the casino, and he now owes them the lost money.

Broadcast: 15-Feb-1989 Directed by: Dwight Adair


210. Virginia Reels
Guest Stars: Ray Abruzzo (Sgt. John Zorelli) Kevin Bernhardt (Tanner McBride) Liza Morrow (Virginia Metheny) Stan Sells (Gibson) Arlen Dean Snyder (Stanley) Kim Terry-Costin (Joanna Sills) Kenneth Tigar (Fritz Heath) Thomas Wagner (Property Clerk) Robert L. Benwitt (Robert (Waiter)) Robert Neary (Young Cop) Leonard Ross (Pit Boss) George Wilburn (Security Guard)

Sable explains her business with Gibson for Blake; her only intention was to get back at Jason after the divorce, and she knew there was something about that lake. Gibson's diving accidentally caused the appearance of Roger Grimes. Dex hears what Adam did to Virginia and beats him up. Gibson admits to Blake that he was the one that decided to snoop around at Delta Rho, and it had nothing to do with Sable. Fallon leaves Zorelli. Joanna and Adam meet for the first time and they get good along. Virginia leaves Denver. Sable blackmails Heath, using the marker, to get information about ColbyCo, which leads to an exiting drama, when he in panic points a gun to her head, threatening to kill her.

Broadcast: 22-Feb-1989 Directed by: Bruce Bilson

Info Alert: Joan Collins (Alexis) does not appear in this episode.


211. House of the Falling Son
Guest Stars: Ray Abruzzo (Sgt. John Zorelli) Ed Marinaro (Creighton Boyd) Kim Terry-Costin (Joanna Sills) Kenneth Tigar (Fritz Heath) Dick Durock (Jimbo) Robert L. Benwitt (Robert (Waiter)) Brandon Bluhm (Little Blake)

Heath doesn't kill Sable and after an agreement, he gives Sable enough secret information to
destroy ColbyCo. Alexis and Boyd get ready to get the ships back, and they also sleep together. Blake learns about Adam's behavior with Virginia and throws him out of the mansion. Sable fights with Joanna. Sammy Jo returns home. Blake doubts that the family will stick together much longer. Dex sleeps with Sable.

Broadcast: 01-Mar-1989 Written by: Ron Renauld s: David Paulsen and Ron Renauld Directed by: Alan Myerson


212. The Son Also Rises
Guest Stars: Ray Abruzzo (Sgt. John Zorelli) Kim Terry-Costin (Joanna Sills) Lou Beatty Jr (Rudy Richards) Kevin Bernhardt (Tanner McBride)

Adam hits on Joanna. Blake limits Adam's access to the more sensitive files of Denver-Carrington.
Dex and Sable continue their affair. Sable's daughter Monica comes to Denver. Fallon's nightmares are getting worse, and she has more fights with Zorelli. Blake and Jeff discovers an add in "The Mirror" saying someone is looking for information about Grimes. They're convinced it must be Alexis.

Broadcast: 15-Mar-1989 Directed by: Ron Satlof

Info Alert: Tracy Scoggins joins the cast, reprising "The Colbys" role of Jeff's sister, Monica Colby.


213. Grimes and Punishment
Guest Stars: Ray Abruzzo (Sgt. John Zorelli) Kim Terry-Costin (Joanna Sills) Kevin Bernhardt (Tanner McBride) John Brandon (Captain William Handler) Lezlie Deane (Phoenix Chisholm) Lou Beatty Jr (Rudy Richards) John Mcliam (Elsworth Chisholm) Pierrino Mascarino (Father Shea)

Adam sleeps with Joanna. Fallon and Zorelli reconcile. Alexis has blown up the ships and
returns home. Joanna decides to come work with Adam and Alexis. Sammy Jo decides to help Tanner with his homeless projects. What she doesn't know is that he's actually married. Dex tells Alexis about his affair with Sable, and Alexis is devastated. Blake tries to patch things up with Fallon, but with no luck. Alexis and Adam get a reply on their add; an old worker from Colterton, Elsworth Chisolm, claims he saw Blake with Grimes' body.

Broadcast: 22-Mar-1989 Directed by: Nancy Malone


214. Sins of the Father
Guest Stars: Lezlie Deane (Phoenix Chisholm) Kevin Bernhardt (Tanner McBride) Pierrino Mascarino (Father Shea) Jack Stauffer (Hotel Manager) Ray Abruzzo (Sgt. John Zorelli)

Fallon finds out from her nightmares that she must have had some kind of contact with
Grimes as a child, but she can't remember. Sammy Jo helps Tanner with his project, and is stunned to discover that he's a priest. Alexis finds an old letter from Roger, which she's going to use as evidence, suing Blake for the murder. Blake and Fallon reconcile. It turns out that what Blake's been trying to hide is that the families were involved in war crimes. The "collection" is a collection of nazi treasures. Blake suspects his father of murdering Roger Grimes. Dex tries to reconcile with Alexis, but with no luck. Jeff and Blake go to the lake with Dex, who dives to look for the treasures, not knowing that Zorelli's keeping an eye on them. They find out that the entrance has been opened.

Broadcast: 29-Mar-1989 Directed by: Bruce Bilson


215. Tale of the Tape
Guest Stars: Al Fann (Charles Matthews) Margueritte Ray (Jane Matthews) John Mcliam (Elsworth Chisholm) Lezlie Deane (Phoenix Chisholm) John Brandon (Captain William Handler) Kevin Bernhardt (Tanner McBride) Lou Beatty Jr (Rudy Richards) Ray Abruzzo (Sgt. John Zorelli) Mark Costello (Marshall) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington)

Sable manages to start an investigation of some of ColbyCo's files. Alexis goes to the police
with the evidence she has against Blake. Zorelli gets information from Fallon and finds Dominique's uncle and aunt, Charles and Jane Matthews. Charles was the brother of Dominique's mother, and Zorelli believes he knows something about Tom Carrington. Blake goes to Chisolm and tries to talk him into a deal. Someone is already in the apartment watching them. A few minutes later, Adam and Phoenix arrive and find Elsworth dead.

Broadcast: 05-Apr-1989 Directed by: Dwight Adair


216. No Bones About It
Guest Stars: Ray Abruzzo (Sgt. John Zorelli) Lezlie Deane (Phoenix Chisholm) Kevin Bernhardt (Tanner McBride) John Brandon (Captain William Handler) Joris Struyck (Edward Prusky) Al Fann (Charles Matthews) Margueritte Ray (Jane Matthews) Lou Beatty Jr (Rudy Richards) Stephanie Menuez (Debbie) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington)

Charles and Jane goes to Blake and tell him about Zorelli's visit. Fallon also learns about
this, and is now convinced Zorelli was using her all the time. The police suppose Elsworth committed suicide. Sable is getting a close relationship to Krystina. Phoenix panics after her grandfather's death and threatens Adam with a gun. After new discoveries, Blake, Dex and Jeff start searching the basement under the mansion. They break one of the walls and reveal a skeleton.

Broadcast: 12-Apr-1989 Directed by: Michael Lange

Info Alert: Joan Collins (Alexis) does not appear in this episode.


217. Here Comes the Son
Guest Stars: Ray Abruzzo (Sgt. John Zorelli) Kevin Bernhardt (Tanner McBride) Lou Beatty Jr (Rudy Richards) John Considine (David Prescott) Lezlie Deane (Phoenix Chisholm) Harvey Jason (Ray Montana) Jeff Kaake (Dennis Grimes) Marlyn Mason (Emily Grimes) John Brandon (Captain William Handler) Oz Tortora (Jack) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington) Ron Perkins (Middle-Aged Man) Justin Burnette (Danny Carrington) Tony Decarlo (Rick) Laurel Adams (Blake's secretary) Michael Collins (Goon) Tom Pabst (Waiter)

Another skeleton is revealed. Zorelli quits his position in the police for Fallon. Blake
doesn't trust him though. Adam manipulates a picture of Monica and Jeff so it looks like they're having a sexual relationship. Sable discovers she's pregnant with Dex's child. Blake tries to talk to Phoenix about the death of her grandfather, but it only makes things worse. Jeff and Dex go to see Emily Grimes, Roger Grimes' wife. They learn he had a son, Dennis, who's been in jail for a while. It now turns out Dennis is co-operating with Handler, the police captain, spying on Fallon and Zorelli.

Broadcast: 26-Apr-1989 Directed by: Jerry Jameson


218. Blasts From the Past
Guest Stars: Ray Abruzzo (Sgt. John Zorelli) Kevin Bernhardt (Tanner McBride) John Brandon (Captain William Handler) Jeff Kaake (Dennis Grimes) Al Fann (Charles Matthews) Margueritte Ray (Jane Matthews) J. Eddie Peck (Roger Grimes) Stephanie Menuez (Debbie) Cheyenne Fitch (Young Fallon) Lou Beatty Jr (Rudy Richards) Pierrino Mascarino (Father Shea)

Fallon and Zorelli find out that they're bugged. Handler, who's behind the bugging, turns out
to be crooked. Jeff learns that Adam was behind the pictures of him and Monica, and a wild fight finishes the argument. Alexis reveals in public that Monica is not Jason's daughter. This results in a chick fight between Sable and Alexis. It turns out Sable was raped when Monica was conceived, but she lies and tells Monica that her real father is dead. Alexis learns about the nazi treasure collection. Dex learns about Sable's pregnancy. Handler offers Blake a proposition: He give the treasure to the police, and he'll not be arrested for the Chisolm murder. Blake refuses to go ahead with it. Fallon has a shocking experience when a blocked out memory comes back to her: She killed Roger Grimes!

Broadcast: 03-May-1989 Written by: Tita Bell & Robert Wolfe s: David Paulsen and Tita Bell and Robert Wolfe Directed by: David Paulsen


219. Catch 22
Guest Stars: Ray Abruzzo (Sgt. John Zorelli) John Brandon (Captain William Handler) Jeff Kaake (Dennis Grimes) Kevin Bernhardt (Tanner McBride) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington) Virginia Hawkins (Jeanette Robbins)

Final Episode:

Blake and Alexis start talking about burying the hatchet. Dex tries to make
up with Alexis, but she's not interested. Blake, Jeff and Dex find out that Handler is co-operating with someone outside the police. Fallon and Krystina find a tunnel down to the old mine shafts under the Carrington estate, where the treasures are buried. While exploring this, they are captured by Dennis Grimes. Shortly after, there's an avalanche, and the entrance is blocked. Sable and Alexis sign an agreement; Alexis will not publicize the facts about the treasures and Sable will not attack ColbyCo with the information from Heath. As a result from a wild argument, Dex and Alexis are pushed off the balcony on the second floor at The Carlton. With a whole police force as backup, Handler surrounds the mansion to search it. This causes Blake to loose control, and it ends with a series of gunshots, causing Blake and Handler getting shot.

Broadcast: 10-May-1989 Written by: Samuel J. Pelovitz Directed by: David Paulsen

Info Alert: Prior to the cancellation of the series, Joan Collins (Alexis) and Michael Nader (Dex) had announced their departures from the series, which explains their tumble over the balcony. If "Dynasty" had been renewed, Diahann Carroll (Dominique) was rumored to have rejoined the cast. Note the numerous references to Dominique leading up to the final episode, including her aunt and uncle. In the final episode, the crooked police captain meets with a mysterious woman who rides in a limousine. Could it have been Dominique?



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