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Season 8


176. The Siege (1)
gs: Bo Hopkins (Matthew Blaisdel) Greg Mullavey (Sheriff) Michael McGuire (Chief McHenry) Don Matheson (Commander) Chick Johnson (Dr. Wilton) Russell Johnson (Earl Thompson) Virginia Hawkins (Jeanette Robbins) William Beckley (Gerard)

Alexis is saved from drowning by a mysterious stranger. Jeff finds Fallon unconscious by the side of the road. The atmosphere in the mansion is getting tense as Matthew continues his hostage game. Several tries to stop him are useless, and in and attempt to escape, Dex gets shot. Luckily, Blake manages to get out of the mansion and contact the police. A big squad of policemen surrounds the mansion, but it's too late. Matthew has already taken off with all the hostages

Broadcast: 23-Sep-1987 w: Edward de Blasio Directed by: Don Medford

Info Alert: James Healey joins the cast as Sean Rowan. Former regular Bo Hopkins (Matthew) guest stars and appears in the opening credits.
Beginning with this episode, ABC moved "Dynasty" from its Wednesday 9:00 p.m. time slot to the Wednesday 10:00 p.m. time slot.
"The Colbys" stars John James (Jeff) and Emma Samms (Fallon) rejoin the cast, following the cancellation of their series.
In the recap of the previous cliffhanger episode, producers inserted a new scene which had never previously aired. In this new clip, Fallon (Emma Samms) telephones her father to inform him that she and Jeff can't make it to Adam's wedding. However, Fallon and Jeff last appeared in "The Colbys" cliffhanger which ended in March 1987, while the "Dynasty" cliffhanger, featuring Adam's wedding, did not air until May 1987.


177. The Siege (2)
gs: Bo Hopkins (Matthew Blaisdel) Hank Brandt (Morgan Hess) Michael McGuire (Chief McHenry) William Beckley (Gerard) Virginia Hawkins (Jeanette Robbins)

Matthew takes the hostages to his old oilrig, Lankershim-Blaisdel 1, and keeps them in the
house there. Dex is brought to the hospital with serious injuries, but he makes it and is able
to give Blake and the police good leads. Alexis hires Morgan Hess to check out the guy who saved her. Fallon wakes up in the hospital, but does not dare to tell Jeff about the abduction. After a while of thinking, she decides she wants to take a trip home to Denver. Matthew buys explosives and makes a bomb for his hostages. In Hawaii, Adam and Dana are enjoying their honeymoon, and Adam is already planning to have a baby. Dana is a bit skeptic about this. In the middle of the hostage drama, Gerard reveals to Jeanette that he loves her. In the mean time, Blake and the police have finally found them. The house is surrounded and Matthew's helpers are shot. Inside, Matthew activates the bomb, intending to kill everybody. Steven puts a quick, but yet dramatic ending to it all, by killing Matthew with a knife while Blake disarms the bomb.

Broadcast: 30-Sep-1987 w: Edward de Blasio Directed by: Don Medford

Info Alert: Former regular Bo Hopkins (Matthew) guest stars and appears in the opening credits.


178. The Aftermath
gs: Jordan Charney (Bill Cochran) Ray Strickyln (Dr. Parris) Hank Brandt (Morgan Hess) Michael McGuire (Chief McHenry) William Beckley (Gerard)

Everybody are pretty shook up after the hostage drama, especially Steven. Adam and Dana comes home from their honeymoon. Fallon and Jeff also come home to Denver for a little while, and get to meet Leslie for the first time. Fallon tells Jeff about the UFO, but it's hard for him to believe her. Blake decides to run for state governor. Dex is recovering after the shooting. Steven decides to move back in with Sammy Jo. With help from Morgan Hess, Alexis tracks down her life saver.

Broadcast: 07-Oct-1987 w: Frank V. Furino Directed by: Irving J. Moore

Info Alert: Ray Stricklyn reprises his recurring role on "The Colbys" as Fallon's psychiatrist for this episode.


179. The Announcement
gs: Lise Hilboldt (Rebecca Payne) Jordan Charney (Bill Cochran) Thomas Ryan (Dr. Davis) Ian Abercrombie (Tom Bowman) Jameson Sampley (Danny Carrington)

Alexis sleeps with the lifesaver, who's name turns out to be Sean Rowan. He moves into
The Carlton. Fallon finds it impossible to talk to Jeff, so she tells Steven about the UFO.
Leslie also accidentally hears about it and tells it to Dex. Steven moves back in with Sammy Jo. Blake works hard with his governor campaign. He wants to hire Jeff as a campaign leader. Dana finds out that she's unable to have a baby.

Broadcast: 14-Oct-1987 w: Frank V. Furino Directed by: Don Medford


180. The Surrogate (1)
gs: Tom Schanley (Josh Harris) Hank Brandt (Morgan Hess) Robert Symonds (Dr. Jonas Edwards) Gary Hudson (Skip Maitland) Jameson Sampley (Danny Carrington) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington) William Beckley (Gerard)

Jeff and Fallon have arguments regarding just about everything. It looks like they're
staying in Denver for a while, though, so they send for LB and the new baby. Alexis and Sean continue their affair, and Alexis also gets Sean a job at ColbyCo, which displeases Adam. Alexis decides to fight Blake for the governor position. Adam and Dana are hurt after the news about Dana's pregnancy condition, but they look for other possibilities. Dana suggests adoption, but Adam refuses to do that. Then, after watching a TV show, Dana comes up with the idea of a surrogate mother.

Broadcast: 28-Oct-1987 w: Barbara Esensten and James Harmon Brown Directed by: Don Medford


181. The Surrogate (2)
gs: Tom Schanley (Josh Harris) Stephanie Dunnam (Karen Atkinson) Frank Schuller (Houser) Jameson Sampley (Danny Carrington) Brandon Bluhm (L.B. Colby)

Blake gets hard competition in his governor campaign from Alexis, who uses The Mirror to get more votes. With help from Krystle, Dana gets into a surrogate mother program, and she and Adam meet the mother of their future child, Karen Atkinson. Adam thinks she's perfect, while Dana disapproves. Alexis gives Leslie a job at ColbyCo, and Dex is not happy about it. Jeff and Fallon's kids come to Denver, but Jeff and Fallon fight more and more. The top player in Steven's football team, Josh Harris, flirts with Sammy Jo and eventually kisses her.

Broadcast: 04-Nov-1987 w: James Harmon Brown and Barbara Esensten Directed by: Don Medford


182. The Primary
gs: Tom Schanley (Josh Harris) Stephanie Dunnam (Karen Atkinson) Sandy McPeak (Arthur Whitcomb) Carolyne Barry (Miss Lindquist) Vernon Weddle (Alpert) Michelle Davison (Mrs. Johnson) Jameson Sampley (Danny Carrington)

The fight between Blake and Alexis continues, and Alexis makes alot of trouble for Blake
with her strong weapon - The Mirror. But things still go good for Blake, cause he after a great deal of persuasion has managed to get a huge area of the finest timberland in Denver from Arthur Withcomb. Josh and Sammy Jo both realize that being together is wrong, but after a few more conversations, they change their minds and sleep with each other. Fallon has joined a therapy group for people who have been abducted by aliens. Jeff finds out, and since he still thinks the UFO story is bull, this leads to more fighting. Sean and Alexis go to Mexico and get married. The fertilizing in the surrogate mother project is successful and Karen is now pregnant with Adam's child. He and Dana tells the family they are going to have a baby, but not that they're using a surrogate mother. Sean behaves suspiciously when he receives a strange phone call.

Broadcast: 18-Nov-1987 w: Edward de Blasio Directed by: Irving J. Moore


183. The Testing
gs: Tom Schanley (Josh Harris) Patricia McPherson (Victoria Anders) Carolyne Barry (Miss Lindquist) Gary Hudson (Skip Maitland)

Jeff thinks Fallon's gone too far when he learns that she wants to write a book about alien
abduction, and their relationship is worse than ever. Jeff talks to Krystle and Blake about it,
and Fallon talks to Dex, but it still doesn't help. Jeff goes to New York on business, accidentally together with Leslie, and they sleep together. Dex meets Sean for the first time. Sammy Jo brakes up with Josh because she realizes sleeping with him was wrong. It later turns out Josh is on drugs. Adam tells the family that Dana's unable to have children and that they're using Karen Atkinson. Since Blake's going to be tied up in the governor campaign, he can't run Denver-Carrington anymore, and he chooses Steven as the new executive. It turns out Sean is Kirby Aynders' brother, and that he's back to get back at Alexis, for causing Joseph Aynders' death.

Broadcast: 25-Nov-1987 w: Edward de Blasio Directed by: Don Medford


184. The Setup
gs: Carole Cook (Cora Van Heusen) Tom Schanley (Josh Harris) Cynthia Leake (Anne Gregory) Gary Hudson (Skip Maitland) Shannon Eubanks (Hooker)

Steven is now the new executive of Denver-Carrington, but Fallon and Adam also have the right to decide in important matters. These changes causes disagreements between the siblings. Dex and Steven also have problems co-operating. Jeff and Fallon decide their relationship needs a break, and since a separation would hurt Blake's campaign, Jeff in stead moves into a guest room. Sean digs into Dana's past and finds out a great deal of secret stuff: The reason she can't have children is that she had an unsuccessful abortion at the age of 15, after a wild party. And it turns out that the father of the unborn child was a drunk Adam Carrington. Leslie moves into The Carlton. Alexis goes to a bordello in Colorado Springs, where Blake got help when he got help when he was fighting Alexis and Ben, and she gets her hands on a video recording from his visit.

Broadcast: 02-Dec-1987 w: James Harmon Brown and Barbara Esensten Directed by: Harry Falk


185. The Fair
gs: Tom Schanley (Josh Harris)

Josh proposes to Sammy Jo, but she turns it down. Sean uses his information to blackmail
Dana, and he wants her to get him all the secret records from all the board meetings at
Denver-Carrington. Alexis arranges a huge costume party, in which there are many funny scenes, like Sammy Jo in a "kissing booth", Dex ending up in a pool of water, and Alexis ending up in a pile of mud after a contest with Krystle. Josh shows up drunk at the party and embarrasses Sammy Jo. Fallon decides she wants to divorce Jeff. Sammy Jo and Jeff talk after these happenings and find comfort in each other. Alexis shows all the guests an edited version of the tape from Blake in the bordello, and everybody get the impression that Blake is there for "personal" reasons.

Broadcast: 09-Dec-1987 w: James Harmon Brown and Barbara Esensten Directed by: Don Medford


186. The New Moguls
gs: Tom Schanley (Josh Harris) Daniel Davis (Harry Thresher) Carole Cook (Cora Van Heusen) Gary Hudson (Skip Maitland) Virginia Hawkins (Jeanette Robbins)

Things look bad for Blake after the publicizing of the film, and the press gives him a hard
time. Luckily, he and Krystle manage to get a hold of the real tape and they prove that Blake was only in the bordello to get help. Steven learns about Sammy Jo's night with Josh, and also about Josh's drug problem. Jeff wants to resign from Blake's campaign, but Blake manages to persuade him to stay. Sean promises Leslie he'll recommend her for Alexis regarding a management position. Steven turns down a business proposal with a company called Vitron Oil, without consulting Fallon and Adam.
This creates big disagreements. As a favor for Fallon, Dex goes to the leader of Vitron Oil,
Harry Thresher, to snoop around a bit. Harry is an old acquaintance of his, and now an oil minister in Natumbe, Africa. It turns out he has some connection with a scheme, set up by Sean. Sammy Jo finds Josh killed by an overdose.

Broadcast: 23-Dec-1987 w: Frank V. Furino Directed by: Irving J. Moore


187. The Spoiler
gs: Grant Goodeve (Chris Deegan) Daniel Davis (Harry Thresher) William H. Bassett (Flemming) Brian Avery (Ralph Dunbar) Michael Horton (Mike) Jameson Sampley (Danny Carrington) Brandon Bluhm (Little Blake)

Sammy Jo has big problems coping with Josh's death. After the tragic incident, the whole
football team agrees to take a volunteer drug test, and this is good for Blake's campaign. Chris Deegan returns to Denver. The disagreements between the siblings in Denver-Carrington continue, and Dex takes Fallon's side. In the end, he resigns from his job at the pipeline. Dana is pushed to give Sean the information he wants. She tries to tell Adam about it, but she can't make it.
Fallon files for divorce. Steven moves out of Delta Rho. Alexis declares herself as an independent candidate for the governors office of the state of Colorado.

Broadcast: 30-Dec-1987 w: Frank V. Furino Directed by: Nancy Malone


188. The Interview
gs: Jordan Charney (Bill Cochran) Stephanie Dunnam (Karen Atkinson) Robert Harland (James Rayford) Jim McKrell (Deselles) Christopher Kriesa (Dan)

The whole state of Colorado is shocked by Alexis' announcement, and Blake is getting nervous.
The other candidate in the election, Jim Rayford, takes advantage of this. Sean helps Alexis by using dirty tricks, while he at the same time continues his affair with Leslie. Sammy Jo and Jeff get a closer relationship. Dana tells her painful story to Adam, and he reacts with anger and hate towards her for aborting the child. But he calms down after a comforting conversation with Karen. Jeff moves out of the mansion. Krystle goes on national TV in Blake's place, with Alexis and Jim Rayford. Sean continues his revenge schemes towards the Carringtons. Kirby calls from France and tries to stop him, but with no luck. Krystle gets the idea that Alexis might have forced Cecil to marry her before he died.

Broadcast: 06-Jan-1988


189. Images
gs: Daniel Davis (Harry Thresher) Michael Goodwin (Russ Kelton) Don Dubbins (Dr. Louden) John Larch (Gerald Wilson)

Leslie finds out Sean's plans and threatens to tell Alexis. Adam realizes he was wrong
blaming Dana for what happened in the past, and they make up. Adam learns about Sean's attempt to blackmail Dana and threatens to kill him if he does so again. Fallon and Dex go to Natumbe to find out more about Harry Thresher. In a bar, Fallon gets drunk and some awkward scenes occur.
In the end, Dex has to "save" her out of it. Krystle does research about Cecil's death and
threatens Alexis to tell the press that she murdered him

Broadcast: 13-Jan-1988


190. The Rifle
gs: Daniel Davis (Harry Thresher) John Larch (Gerald Wilson) Robert Harland (James Rayford) Brandon Bluhm (L.B. Colby) Peter Crook (Reporter) Josef Rainer (Moderator)

Adam, Fallon and Steven still disagree about the Vitron deal, and Adam and Steven fight
tooth and nail. After considering it, Steven decides to go along with the deal. Leslie tries to
hit on Dex, but with no luck. Alexis starts getting second thoughts about the campaign and
considers backing out. In the middle of a TV debate, someone tries to shoot Blake, but misses and hits Alexis.

Broadcast: 20-Jan-1988


191. The Bracelet
gs: Stephanie Dunnam (Karen Atkinson) Christopher Allport (Jesse Atkinson) Jordan Charney (Bill Cochran) James Sutorius (Gordon Wales) Michael Goodwin (Russ Kelton) Robert Harland (James Rayford) Robert Wilson (Tony) Beau Billingslea (Doctor)

It turns out Sean's the one who fired the shot, but no one saw him. Alexis recovers quickly
and finds out that after the incident, she's got more voters on her side, which strengthens her
chance of winning the election. Karen's husband, Jesse Atkinson, returns to Denver and reveals that they're not divorced after all. Jeff saves Sammy Jo from a rapist, and also starts buying up Denver-Carrington stock secretly to get more control over the pipeline deal. Alexis learns about Sean's affair with Leslie.

Broadcast: 27-Jan-1988


192. The Warning
gs: Stephanie Dunnam (Karen Atkinson) Christopher Allport (Jesse Atkinson) Michael Goodwin (Russ Kelton)

Sean threatens to kill Leslie. Alexis wants Blake to withdraw from the campaign and be her
lieutenant governor instead, but he turns the offer down. Jeff announces to the Carringtons that he's been buying Denver-Carrington stock, and now has enough to possibly take over the company.
Both Adam and Sean tries to bribe Jesse. Sean wants him to make Adam's life hell and Adam wants him to leave Denver. He turns them both down.

Broadcast: 03-Feb-1988


193. Adam's Son
gs: Stephanie Dunnam (Karen Atkinson) Christopher Allport (Jesse Atkinson)

Jeff resigns from the campaign and concentrates on Denver-Carrington, putting Dex back at his job at the pipeline. Leslie tells Dex the whole story about Sean's real identity, and Dex tells it to Alexis. Sammy Jo sleeps with Jeff. Karen gives birth to a baby boy, but suddenly changes her mind and refuses to give him away to Adam and Dana.

Broadcast: 10-Feb-1988


194. The Scandal
gs: Paul Burke (Neal McVane) Stephanie Dunnam (Karen Atkinson) Christopher Allport (Jesse Atkinson) Daniel Davis (Harry Thresher) Hank Brandt (Morgan Hess) George Murdock (Charlie Braddock) John Milford (Captain Nordstrom)

Neal McVane turns up again and offers to help Blake's campaign in sleazy ways, but he's turned down immediately. Adam goes to McVane and gets him to tell the name of his cell mate in prison, from who he got the blackmail information. He then goes to the jail and talks to the guy, who tells him that the story about Adam not being Blake's real son was a lie, and it is now proved that Adam is a real Carrington. Karen sues Adam for custody of the child. Blake learns about Sean's real identity and goes to Natumbe with Dex to investigate. They find out that Sean and Harry are trying to smuggle weapons with Blake's tanker. Sean tries to kill them by blowing up the boat, but they get away. Everyone thinks Sean was killed in the explosion, but he also got away.

Broadcast: 02-Mar-1988


195. The Trial
gs: Stephanie Dunnam (Karen Atkinson) Christopher Allport (Jesse Atkinson) Hank Brandt (Morgan Hess) Fran Bennett (Gloria Wilby) Bradley White (Alfred Sorenson) Michael Ensign (Todd) Robert Cornthwaite (Judge Langdon) Garrett Davis (Kotz)

The custody trial begins, but Dana announces in court that she wants the child to stay with
Karen. To prevent negative causes for Blake's campaign, Fallon and Steven manage to find prove that Blake was not a part of the weapon deal. Leslie tries to reconcile with Jeff, but he tells her the relationship is over. Steven discovers that the body they thought were Sean's were really Harry's, but they're still sure Sean must be dead. Alexis, however, has her doubts.

Broadcast: 09-Mar-1988


196. The Proposal
gs: Stephanie Dunnam (Karen Atkinson) Christopher Allport (Jesse Atkinson) Michael Goodwin (Russ Kelton) Jordan Charney (Bill Cochran) Robert Cornthwaite (Judge Langdon) Fran Bennett (Gloria Wilby) Michael Ensign (Todd)

All the fighting about the baby is tearing Dana and Adam's marriage apart. Alexis fires
Leslie after her affair with Sean. Krystle starts having bad headaches. Jeff proposes to Sammy Jo.
Dex sleeps with Alexis. Adam's baby disappears from the hospital, and the Atkinsons suspect Adam.

Broadcast: 16-Mar-1988 Directed by: Don Medford


197. Colorado Roulette
gs: Stephanie Dunnam (Karen Atkinson) Christoher Allport (Jesse Atkinson) Robert Cornthwaite (Judge Langdon) Ken Swofford (Lt. Benning) Virginia Hawkins (Jeanette Robbins) Kathryn Daley (T.V. Commentator) Ronald R. Foster (Sheriff) James Partis (Burrell) George Hirschmann (Bailiff) Chuck Walling (Plainclothesman)

Jim Rayford wins the election. Jeff sleeps with Fallon.
Sean turns out to be the kidnapper, and he takes the baby and Leslie to a cabin in the mountains. Steven and Adam save them, but Sean gets away. Karen and Jesse get custody of the child. Steven writes a letter to Blake and then leaves. Krystle's headaches get worse. Blake comes home and finds the bedroom in a big mess, and it looks like Krystle's run away. Sean shows up at Alexis' hotel room with a gun. Dex barges in just in time, and there's a wild fight between him and Sean, which ends with a gunshot.

Broadcast: 30-Mar-1988 Directed by: Irving J. Moore

Info Alert: Jack Coleman (Steven), Terri Garber (Leslie) and James Healey (Sean) depart the cast and make their final appearances on the show. Leann Hunley (Dana) does not appear in this episode.


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