Season 7


148. The Victory

Blake almost kills Alexis, but Krystle stops him. They now move with Krystina into a hotel called The Carlton. Claudia and several other people get killed in the fire at La Mirage.
Claudia's death hurts Adam badly. A man called Thorpe, who lost his wife in the fire, accuses Blake of murdering her, since he owns La Mirage. A stranger saves Amanda's life, and it turns out to be Michael Culhane (Blake's old driver). Blake is not happy to see him again, but he thanks him. Ben receives a mysterious call from Australia, and it seems to be an unknown woman from his past. This makes Ben nervous. Alexis buys a newspaper called "The Mirror" to make bad publicity for Blake

Broadcast: 24-Sep-1986 w: Edward de Blasio s: Laurence Heath d: Don Medford

Info Alert: "The Colbys" star Emma Samms (Fallon) guest stars in a flashback scene to re-introduce the character of Michael (played by Wayne Northrop).
Former regular Wayne Northrop (Michael) rejoins the cast.
Karen Cellini replaces Catherine Oxenberg in the role of Amanda. Cellini originally auditioned for a role on the spin-off series, "The Colbys." But, after producers fired Catherine Oxenberg over salary demands, they noticed Cellini's resemblance to Oxenberg and hired her to replace Oxenberg.
In the recap of the previous cliffhanger episode, producers replaced the clip of Catherine Oxenberg (Amanda) fighting with Heather Locklear (Sammy Jo) by the pool with a new clip featuring Karen Cellini as Amanda.


149. Sideswiped
Guest Stars: Alan Fudge (Phil Thorpe) Virginia Hawkins (Jeanette Robbins)

Though Alexis has the upper hand, Blake refuses to give up. Sammy Jo and Clay have become a beautiful loving couple. Adam leaves Blake's side to join Alexis. Alexis takes over
Denver-Carrington. Blake gives Michael back his old job as a driver. Thorpe still blames Blake for the fire at La Mirage and to get revenge he sees to it that Blake's limo (containing Blake, Krystle and Michael) is pushed off the road.

Broadcast: 01-Oct-1986 w: Edward de Blasio d: Gwen Arner


150. Focus
Guest Stars: James Sutorius (Gordon Wales) Madison Mason (Gary Tilden) Alan Fudge (Phil Thorpe) Robert Pine (Lt. Calder) Lorry Goldman (Assistant D.A. Ferguson) Carol Locatell (Peters)

Krystle is brought to the hospital and gets well again. Though Alexis denies it she still
seems to have feelings for Dex. Ben tries to get Dex to stay away from Alexis. Blake now wants to start over again with a new company called Carrington Ventures. Dominique invests $50000000 in it, so Blake can repay his debts to Alexis. A dramatic scene occurs in The Carlton when Thorpe threatens and tries to kill Krystle with a gun. After he's arrested, Blake is brought in for questioning, because it turns out the fire at La Mirage was arson.

Broadcast: 15-Oct-1986 w: James W. Kearns s: Laurence Heath d: Don Medford


151. Reward
Guest Stars: Pat Crowley (Emily Fallmont) Richard Lawson (Nick Kimball) Troy Beyer (Jackie Deveraux) Gary Wood (Dan Crane) Clayton Landey (Jay Bradley) James Sutorius (Gordon Wales) James Ray (Mr. Eckland) Robert Pine (Lt. Calder) Jon Sharp (Ben Carson) Don Maxwell (Charley)

Blake wants to start dealing with gas instead of oil. One of his partners in this project,
Nick Kimball, accidentally meets Dominique and sparks are flying. Adam doesn't like co-operating with Ben. A Denver-Carrington secretary, Dana Bethany Waring, seems to be interested in Adam. Blake is arrested and accused for the arson at La Mirage.

Broadcast: 22-Oct-1986 w: Harold Livingston d: Irving J. Moore

Info Alert: Leann Hunley joins the cast as Dana Waring, but is not featured in the opening credits until later in the season.


152. The Arraignment
Guest Stars: Richard Anderson (Buck Fallmont) Pat Crowley (Emily Fallmont) Troy Beyer (Jackie Deveraux) Lorry Goldman (Assistant D.A. Ferguson) Russell Johnson (Earl Thompson) James Sutorius (Gordon Wales) Taylor Lacher (Captain Harris) Carlos Romero (Judge J. Therom) David White (Dr. Gavin)

Blake still refuses to give up. Jackie's tellings from the fire gets important when they
prove that the fire started in Claudia's room. After this the charge against Blake is dropped.
Adam's relationship to Dana gets closer. Blake gets Caress' letter from Caracas and decides to get her out of jail. Dex sleeps with Alexis.

Broadcast: 05-Nov-1986


153. Romance
Guest Stars: Pat Crowley (Emily Fallmont) Madison Mason (Gary Tilden) Richard Lawson (Nick Kimball) John James (Jeff Colby) Emma Samms (Fallon Carrington Colby)

Dex asks Alexis to marry him, but she turns him down. Blake tries to get Caress out of jail,
but can't get in because of Ben's bribes. Alexis wants Ben out of both ColbyCo and the mansion, but he threatens to tell the police about their false testimony. Blake fires Michael after catching him kissing Amanda. Blake realizes there's only one man that can help him get Caress out: Dex.

Broadcast: 12-Nov-1986

Info Alert: "The Colbys" stars John James (Jeff) and Emma Samms (Fallon) guest star in this episode.


154. The Mission
Guest Stars: James Sutorius (Gordon Wales) Diana Webster (Dr. Craig) George D. Wallace (Walt Tyson) Lorry Goldman (Assistant D.A. Ferguson)

Blake has problems getting his gas project started and he needs $50000000. As a part of his
revenge, Michael decides to secretly help Blake and contacts Zach Powers, who owes him one. Sammy Jo learns she's pregnant. Dex and Clay go with a rescue team to Caracas and get Caress out of jail. Now Blake has another chance at getting Ben and Alexis

Broadcast: 19-Nov-1986 w: Edward de Blasio d: Don Medford


155. The Choice
Guest Stars: Ricardo Montalban (Zach Powers) Pat Crowley (Emily Fallmont)

Zach loans Blake the money he needs. What Blake doesn't know, is that the whole thing is
set up by Michael, who also has Amanda twisted around his little finger. Alexis gets curious
about the deal between Blake and Zach. Sammy Jo tells Clay she's pregnant, but he doesn't seem to be very enthusiastic about it. Caress blackmails Emily Fallmont, threatening to tell
everyone about the affair with Ben. Ben tries to solve this by sending hitmen to kill Caress.

Broadcast: 27-Nov-1986 w: Harold Stone d: Irving J. Moore

Info Alert: "The Colbys" star Ricardo Montalban (Zach) guest stars in this episode.


156. The Secret
Guest Stars: Pat Crowley (Emily Fallmont) Richard Anderson (Buck Fallmont) Kimberly Beck (Claire Prentice) Cliff Murdock (Concierge)

Amanda moves in with Michael. Alexis reveals his schemes, but he still manages to convince Amanda that he loves her. The fact that Sammy Jo is pregnant almost results in Clay leaving her, but after an argument with his father, he decides he wants to marry her. Blake tries to stop Caress before she drives Emily to the breaking point. Meanwhile, Emily tells Buck about her affair with Ben. Buck gets upset and is convinced that Clay is Ben's son. After a huge fight, Emily decides to leave Denver, but gets hit by a car and is left unconscious.

Broadcast: 03-Dec-1986


157. The Letter
Guest Stars: Pat Crowley (Emily Fallmont) Richard Anderson (Buck Fallmont) Richard Lawson (Nick Kimball) Kimberly Beck (Claire Prentice) Donald Craig (Justice of Peace)

Emily dies in hospital, which creates more fighting between Clay and Buck. Emily leaves
a letter to Blake, proving she was with Ben on the night of Ellen Carrington's death and begging Blake to use this letter to get back what was stolen from him. Sammy Jo and Clay get married. Alexis learns about Michael being a "silent partner" in Blake's new business and tries to buy it from him. Michael turns her offer down and instead tells Blake about it. He offers to be a real partner with Blake and forget about the past, but Blake turns him down. Hating the thought of Michael owning a part of his new venture, Blake decides to shut it down if he has to, and go ahead and use Emily's letter to get back at Ben and Alexis.

Broadcast: 10-Dec-1986

Info Alert: Kate O'Mara (Caress) departs the cast and makes her final appearance on the show.


158. The Ball
Guest Stars: Carole Cook (Cora Van Heusen) Richard Lawson (Nick Kimball) William Traylor (Dan Franklin) Madison Mason (Gary Tilden) Diana Webster (Dr. Craig)

Sammy Jo learns she's not pregnant after all, but does not tell Clay about it. Adam sleeps
with Dana. Alexis throws a big party in the mansion. In the middle of it, Blake threatens to
publice the proves he has that Ben and Alexis lied on the witness stand. Alexis is forced to

Broadcast: 17-Dec-1986


159. Fear
Guest Stars: Kimberly Beck (Claire Prentice) James Sutorius (Gordon Wales) William Beckley (Gerard)

Blake gets Denver-Carrington and the mansion back and starts planning a trip to China to
get the oil leases back. Sammy Jo doesn't dare to tell Clay that she's not pregnant, but he's
getting suspicious. Danny's teacher learns Steven's gay. Alexis writes upsetting things about
Dominique in her paper and this leads to an old-fashioned catfight. Alexis is afraid of Ben and to get rid of him, she sends Adam to Australia to find out more about the mysterious calls Ben received earlier.

Broadcast: 31-Dec-1986


160. The Rig
Guest Stars: Joy Garrett (Vera Nesbitt) Kimberly Beck (Claire Prentice) Dana Lee (Minister Han Li Su) James Sutorius (Gordon Wales)

Ben reveals to Blake that he's got a wife and a daughter whom he hasn't seen in 15 years.
Adam accidentally meets his daughter in Australia, and also a woman called Vera Nesbitt, who has unfinished business with Ben. Alexis tells Ben about this and scares him. Blake, Ben and Alexis go to China and Blake gets the leases back. They fly out to the rig in the China Sea to officialize this, but there's an explosion, and Blake is trapped.

Broadcast: 07-Jan-1987 d: Irving J. Moore

Info Alert: Terri Garber joins the cast as Leslie Carrington.
Wayne Northrop (Michael) and Karen Cellini (Amanda) both depart the cast and make their final appearances on the show.


161. A Love Remembered (1)
Guest Stars: Clyde Kusatsu (Dr. Chen) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington) Conrad Bachmann (Dr. Albans)

Ben saves Blake, but afterwards they are separated. Blake wakes up in a hospital in
Singapore with amnesia. He thinks he is living 20 years ago. Alexis takes advantage of this and makes Blake believe they are still married. Adam is the only one who gets to know where they are. Still, Dex and Krystle go to China to look for Blake and Alexis. Clay learns about Sammy Jo's false pregnancy. Alexis takes Blake to a house in China to relax after the accident. Her plan is to lure him and get the oil leases back, but she changes her mind and tares up the papers.

Broadcast: 14-Jan-1987


162. A Love Remembered (2)
Guest Stars: Richard Lawson (Nick Kimball) Madison Mason (Gary Tilden) Clyde Kusatsu (Dr. Chen) Jose DeVega (Ling)

After many arguments, Sammy Jo decides she wants the marriage to Clay canceled. Krystle searches for a long time, and at last finds Blake and Alexis. Blake doesn't remember Krystle at first, but Alexis feels bad and realizes she has to tell Blake the truth. He gets his memory back and there's a happy reunion with him and Krystle.

Broadcast: 21-Jan-1987


163. The Portrait

Ben's daughter, Leslie Carrington, comes to Denver to face her father again after 15 years.
It's an unhappy reunion with many arguments, and Ben learns that his former wife, Melissa, who's also Leslie's mother, is dead. Clay desperately tries to get Sammy Jo to change her mind about the annulment. Krystle is worried that Blake and Alexis slept together in China, but Blake can confirm that they didn't

Broadcast: 28-Jan-1987 w: Edward de Blasio d: Nancy Malone


164. The Birthday
Guest Stars: Richard Lawson (Nick Kimball) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington) Linda Thorson (Dr. Mansfield)

Blake tries to help Leslie and Ben's relationship. Dex is convinced that Alexis is still in
love with Blake and they fight about this. Sammy Jo and Clay get their marriage annulled. Dex and Dominique suddenly become close friends, and seeks comfort in each other. Alexis catches them hugging and is sure there's something more to the "friendship". Adam proposes to Dana, and she accepts. Krystina is brought to the hospital after several days of coughing and breathing trouble. She's kept for observation, but in the middle of the night she passes out and stops breathing.

Broadcast: 04-Feb-1987

Info Alert: Continuity error: In this episode, Krystina celebrates her 3rd birthday, although she was born in episode 98: "Krystina," which originally aired on December 5, 1984. Thus, Krystina would be only two years old and her birthday would be in December, not in February.


165. The Test
Guest Stars: John James (Jeff Colby) Alan Haufrect (Dr. Harold Chadway) Linda Thorson (Dr. Mansfield) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington)

The doctors manage to save Krystina, but her condition is still critical. Steven decides to
move in with Sammy Jo. Ben and Leslie make up. Alexis goes to California to visit Jeff, Fallon and their new baby. After a lot of tests, it turns out Krystina will need a new heart to get well again.

Broadcast: 11-Mar-1987 w: Dennis Turner d: Nancy Malone

Info Alert: "The Colbys" star John James (Jeff) guest stars.


166. The Mothers
Guest Stars: Paul Burke (Neal McVane) Jon Cypher (Dirk Maurier) Duncan Gamble (Boyd Curtis) Ed Nelson (Sam Dexter) Matthew Faison (Dr. Holland) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington)

Blake and Krystle have huge problems finding a heart donor for Krystina. Dirk E. Maurier,
Daniel Reece's old partner, and now one of Alexis' new business associates, expresses clearly that he's very fond of her. Neal McVane is let out of prison again, and goes straight to Adam. He says he can prove that the real Adam Carrington was killed the day after the kidnapping, and that Adam is false. He uses this to blackmail Adam. Dex brings Dominique to his father's ranch in Wyoming. In a party there he has a reunion with some of his old friends, among them Sarah and Boyd Curtis. A short while later, there's a car accident and Boyd gets killed. Sarah is fine, but their daughter, Cathy, is badly hurt, and the doctors declare her "braindead". Blake convinces Sarah to donate Cathy's heart to Krystina.

Broadcast: 25-Feb-1987

Info Alert: Cassie Yates joins the cast as Sarah Curtis.


167. The Surgery
Guest Stars: Paul Burke (Neal McVane) Robert Symonds (Dr. Jonas Edwards) Matthew Faison (Dr. Holland) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington) Jameson Sampley (Danny Carrington)

Sarah changes her mind about donating Cathy's heart, but Dex convinces her to go ahead with it. The operation is successful. Sammy Jo and Steven's new "parents" relationship is working great. McVane continues blackmailing Adam, who is getting nervous.

Broadcast: 04-Mar-1987 w: Frank V. Furino d: Gwen Arner

Info Alert: Leann Hunley (Dana) is added to the opening credits.


168. The Garage
Guest Stars: Paul Burke (Neal McVane) Robert Symonds (Dr. Jonas Edwards) Matthew Faison (Dr. Holland) Jon Cypher (Dirk Maurier) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington) William Beckley (Gerard)

Sarah is deeply depressed after her husband and daughter's death, and attempts to kill
herself. Krystle saves her and invites her to stay with her and Blake. Alexis learns about
McVane's release. Adam talks to his old friend, dr. Edwards from Montana, who means that McVane is right and that Adam should tell Blake and Alexis he's not their son. Sammy Jo and Steven kiss, but they both realize it's wrong and brakes it off.

Broadcast: 11-Mar-1987 w: Dennis Turner d: Don Medford


169. The Shower
Guest Stars: Paul Burke (Neal McVane) Robert Symonds (Dr. Jonas Edwards) Jill Andre (Nurse Johnson) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington) Alan Haufrect (Dr. Harold Chadway) Jameson Sampley (Danny Carrington)

Sarah is getting better, but both Blake and Dex are still suspicious and a bit worried.
Alexis has "dumped" Michael, who desperately wants a "cut-in" on the business deals between her and Maurier. Leslie and Clay start kissing. Adam's nervousity is getting worse, as McVane still threatens him. He's started drinking heavily, and after a fight with Dana, he cancels their wedding.

Broadcast: 18-Mar-1987 w: Jonna Emerson d: Irving J. Moore


170. The Dress
Guest Stars: Paul Burke (Neal McVane) Richard Anderson (Buck Fallmont) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington) Natalija Nogulich (April) Frank Schuller (Detective) Virginia Hawkins (Jeanette Robbins) William Beckley (Gerard)

Dana is hurt after Adam turning his back on her, and everybody understand something wrong and are concerned about him. Buck learns about Clay's new relationship to Leslie, and since she's a Carrington, he of course gets furious and does everything to embarrass them. Blake is worried and thinks Sarah is getting too attached to Krystina, but Krystle convinces him to let her continue living in the mansion. Steven sleeps with Sammy Jo.

Broadcast: 25-Mar-1987


171. Valez
Guest Stars: Paul Burke (Neal McVane) Jon Cypher (Dirk Maurier) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington) Jameson Sampley (Danny Carrington) Gary Costello (Jay) Virginia Hawkins (Jeanette Robbins) Madeleine Sherwood (Tenant) Janet Adams (Liz)

Dex tries to warn Alexis about doing business with Maurier, but she refuses to listen.
Though many people try to help, Adam's condition is not improving. Steven realizes that sleeping with Sammy Jo was wrong and means he's just causing problems living like this. Sarah's condition seems to be fine, but Krystle and Blake desperately understand how wrong they were when Sarah suddenly takes Krystina and drives away.

Broadcast: 01-Apr-1987


172. The Sublet
Guest Stars: Paul Burke (Neal McVane) Richard Lawson (Nick Kimball) John Howard Swain (Lt. Benson) Alan Haufrect (Dr. Harold Chadway) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington) J.J. Johnston (Gym Manager) Jeff O'Haco (Fighter)

Nick purposes to Dominique. Adam's condition is getting close to a nervous breakdown.
McVane pushes him to betray Alexis, revealing confidential information about ColbyCo. He again ends up drunk in jail, and Alexis must bail him out. Sarah keeps Krystina in a rented apartment, but she refuses to take her hart medicine, and her condition gets bad. Krystle eventually finds the apartment and manages to get Sarah to give Krystina back.

Broadcast: 08-Apr-1987


173. The Confession
Guest Stars: Jon Cypher (Dirk Maurier) Neil Dickson (Gavin Maurier) Paul Burke (Neal McVane) Troy Beyer (Jackie Deveraux) Richard Lawson (Nick Kimball) James Sutorius (Gordon Wales) Alan Haufrect (Dr. Harold Chadway) John Howard Swain (Lt. Benson) Jameson Sampley (Danny Carrington)

Jackie returns home after being in New York with Garrett. Adam finally tells Blake and
Alexis that he's not their son. He makes up with Dana and decides to move away with her. Blake and Alexis manages to get him change his mind, because even though they don't know for sure if he's their son, they feel that in their hart, he always will be. Sarah is in bad condition after the kidnapping and refuses to face the fact that Cathy is dead. Steven and Sammy Jo have disagreements considering their relationship and what's best for Danny. Clay wants Leslie to move in with him. Dirk's nephew Gavin Maurier comes to Denver and immediately shows interest in Alexis.

Broadcast: 22-Apr-1987


174. The Affair
Guest Stars: Richard Anderson (Buck Fallmont) Richard Lawson (Nick Kimball) Troy Beyer (Jackie Deveraux) Neil Dickson (Gavin Maurier) William Beckley (Gerard) Jameson Sampley (Danny Carrington)

Alexis starts planning Adam and Dana's wedding. Buck reveals the fact that Ben may be
Clay's father after his affair with Emily, which would make Leslie and Clay brother and sister. This puts a stop to their romance. Alexis and Gavin kiss. A mysterious man shows up in the conservatory, claiming to be from the wedding work crew. Krystle tries to check this out, but he manages to escape through the window.

Broadcast: 29-Apr-1987


175. Shadow Play
Guest Stars: Bo Hopkins (Matthew Blaisdel) Richard Lawson (Nick Kimball) Richard Anderson (Buck Fallmont) Neil Dickson (Gavin Maurier) Russell Johnson (Earl Thompson) Darrell Zwerling (Minister) William Beckley (Gerard) Virginia Hawkins (Jeanette Robbins) Betty Hartford (Mrs. Gunnerson) Jessica Player (Krystina Carrington) Jameson Sampley (Danny Carrington) Robert Balderson (Alfred) Ron Recasner (Will) Debra Armani (Secretary) Ray Genadry (Stranger #1) William Austyn (Stranger #2) Frederick Lopez (Stranger #3) Scott Winter (Catering Assistant)

A blood test proves that both Buck and Ben could be Clay's father, so Clay brakes up with Leslie and leaves Denver. Alexis and Blake adopts Adam so he can be their son as really as possible. Steven and Sammy Jo have more arguments. Dominique accepts Nick's proposal. Ben leaves Denver. Adam and Dana get married and leave for their honeymoon. At the end of the wedding, Dex and Alexis have a big fight and Alexis drives away upset. Passing a bridge, her car crashes and falls into the water underneath. At the same time,
the mansion is attacked by a gang of armed Lathin-Americans. Dex is struck down, while Blake, Krystle, Steven, Sammy Jo, Leslie, the children and the servants are captured and held in the conservatory. She surprise is more shocking than ever when Matthew Blaisdel suddenly walks in and reveals that he's come back to take Krystle from Blake.

Broadcast: 06-May-1987

Info Alert: Former "Dynasty" star Bo Hopkins (Matthew) makes a cameo in the last few seconds of the cliffhanger.
Diahann Carroll (Dominique), Christopher Cazenove (Ben) and Ted McGinley (Clay) depart the cast and make their final appearances on the show.
The cliffhanger of Matthew's return was not kept very secret as promos for this episode showed a clip of Matthew entering the living room.

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