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Season 2



16. Enter Alexis

Alexis testifies against Blake, and tells about an incident several years ago, when Blake discovered her in bed with her lover, Roger Grimes. Her testimony proves that Blake is a violent man, and things doesn't look too good. Fallon and Blake welcome Alexis with hate and rudeness, but Steven is friendly to her. Claudia wakes up in the hospital and discovers that Matthew has run off with Lindsay.

Broadcast: 04-Nov-1981

17. The Verdict

Blake is convicted to two years unconditional prison. Blake first wants to appeal, but changes his mind. We can now see the first sign of Alexis being the "big bitch" in the series. Both she and Blake hate each other, and she decides to move into an old house which once belonged to her in Blake's garden. Blake fires Michael. Claudia tries to track down Lindsay and Matthew, but with no luck. Blake tries to talk to Steven, but it ends with a fight. Krystle discovers she's pregnant.

Broadcast: 11-Nov-1981

18. Alexis' Secret

Claudia is released from the hospital. When she comes home, she tries to kill herself by taking an overdose with pills, but she's saved by Blake's friend, dr. Nick Toscanni. It turns out that Nick's secret plan is to get back at Blake for something that happened in the past. Fallon and Jeff decides they want to have a baby. Claudia moves into the Carrington mansion. Blake tries to get Alexis out of his property. Alexis tells Steven that he is Blake's only child and that Fallon's father is another man.

Broadcast: 18-Nov-1981

19. Fallon's Father

Alexis urges Blake to make up with Steven who, she tells him, is his only child because Fallon is not his daughter. Blake learns that Cecil Colby closed a business deal without consulting him. His associates do not want to deal with an accused murderer. Alexis urges Cecil to speak with Blake so that Steven may be put back in the family will. She threatens to reveal their past affair if he doesn't. Alexis further reveals that Colby is Fallon's father. Claudia tells Dr. Nick Toscanni of her affair with Steven. Steven drunkenly falls at the mansion, hitting his head on the pool diving board. Nick pulls Steven's unconscious body from the pool and rushes him to the hospital. Steven is diagnosed with possible brain damage.

Broadcast: 25-Nov-1981

20. Reconciliation

Having reconciled with his father, Steven is taken home from the hospital to recover. Alexis remains constantly at her son's side. Krystle feels excluded. Race car driver Frank Dean, Krystle's ex-brother-in-law, sends his stepdaughter, Sammy Jo, to stay with her for a few weeks. When Sammy Jo arrives at the mansion, the 18-year old proves to be a source of amusement to a convalescing Steven. Despite treatment by Nick Toscanni, Claudia retreats more and more into her own world. She is still hopeful of being reunited with husband Matthew and daughter Lindsay. Steven asks his mother who fathered Fallon. Alexis hires a private investigator to explore Krystle's past. Cecil Colby pressures Blake to repay his $9 million loan, and offers to call off the debt in exchange for Blake's football team which is worth $20 million. Blake refuses, vowing to somehow produce the cash.

Broadcast: 02-Dec-1981

Info Alert - Heather Locklear joins the cast as Sammy Jo Dean.

21. Viva Las Vegas

In order to save his football team and repay the $9 million to Cecil Colby, Blake flies to Las Vegas and obtains a loan from gangster Logan Rhinewood. Nick tells his sister that Blake is to blame for the death of their kid brother, who hanged himself in jail. He intends to find
proof and claim vengeance. Sammy Jo has a nightmare and goes to Steven for
comfort. In the morning, Alexis sees her leaving and promptly tells Krystle that the two
spent the night together. When Alexis suggests that Steven, once again his father's
heir, should consider marrying, he asks Claudia to give some thought to a future
together. Fallon and Nick make love. While skeet shooting, Alexis spots a pregnant
Krystle riding her horse. She fires, and the frightened animal throws Krystle to the
ground. She is rushed to the hospital, in danger of losing the child.

Broadcast : 09-Dec-1981

22. The Miscarriage

After losing her baby due to the fall from her horse, Krystle learns she cannot have
another child. Steven and Sammy Jo begin dating, but at his cabin, he finds he cannot make love to her. Jeff quits his Uncle Cecil's business and joins Denver-Carrington.
Fallon continues her affair with Nick Toscanni. Steven professes his love to Claudia
and asks her to marry him. She declines, stating she's still in love with her husband.
Fallon interrupts Nick's visit to Krystle in the hospital and angrily assumes the worst,
demanding to know if she is "another page in his appointment book." Blake's
attorney, Andrew Laird, returns from Washington with news of more trouble with the
Middle Eastern oil leases.

Broadcast: 16-Dec-1981

23. The Mid-East Meeting

Blake and Jeff attempt to arrange a meeting with Rashid Ahmed to obtain assistance in releasing their overseas oil tankers. Alexis leaves for Rome to meet Ahmed, a former lover, under the guise of helping Blake. A despondent Krystle refuses Nick's psychiatric treatment. Claudia has recovered sufficiently to maintain her own apartment and take a job with Denver-Carrington. Cecil Colby invites her to dinner to pry company information from her. Fallon, learning she is pregnant, makes plans for an abortion and asks Jeff for a divorce. He agrees, but only after she has their baby. Fallon tells Nick she is in love with him. Alexis calls Blake to Rome, explaining she has arranged a meeting with Ahmed. Her true motive is simply to be alone with her former husband.

Broadcast: 06-Jan-1982

24. The Psychiatrist

En route to Rome to meet Rashid Ahmed, Blake calls Krystle in yet another attempt to convince his despondent wife to see psychiatrist Nick Toscanni. She calls the doctor for an appointment, and Fallon is immediately jealous. Jeff begs Fallon to cancel her abortion. She confesses that she became pregnant only to compete with Krystle and further states she never loved him. Their marriage was strictly a business deal to benefit Blake. In Rome, Blake meets Alexis at Ahmed's villa. While he's rubbing suntan lotion on his ex-wife, a photographer, hired by Alexis, snaps photos. At home, a shattered Krystle sees the suggestive pictures in a gossip paper and bursts into tears. Nick comforts her and her grief soon turns to passion.

Broadcast: 13-Jan-1982

25. Sammy Jo and Steven Marry

Krystle almost sleeps with Nick, but stops the whole thing. Nick says he's in love with her, and that he wants her, but she won't cheat on her husband. Blake comes home and tries to tell her the paparazzi photo is not what it looks like, but she won't believe him. Jeff is angry with Fallon because of her abortion plans and wants to divorce her. Fallon cancels the abortion. Steven and Sammy Jo get married, and Steven decides he's interested in car racing.

Broadcast: 20-Jan-1982

26. The Car Explosion

Steven and Sammy Jo return to the mansion and tell everybody except Blake that they are married. We get the impression that Sammy Jo only married Steven for his money. Alexis does everything she can to make Krystle think Blake had an affair in Rome. Nick tells Krystle he's deeply in love with her and persuades her to leave Blake. Ray Bonning, who represents Rhinewood starts interfering in the way Blake controls his team and wants to buy the whole of it. In the end, a car drives by Blake and Jeff and someone throws a bomb at them. They survive, but it leads to blindness for Blake.

Broadcast: 27-Jan-1982

27. Blake's Blindness

Blake is frustrated because of the blindness. He's also sure that Bonning is behind the bomb attack and settles plans to get revenge. Krystle wants to wait with telling Blake about her divorce plans until he's better. Blake wants Fallon and Jeff to be friends and stay together and have their baby in peace. Fallon tells Alexis about her affair with Nick, and that she's deeply in love with him. She's also found out about Krystle's relationship with Nick and Alexis is going to help her get Krystle out of their lives.

Broadcast: 03-Feb-1982

28. The Hearing

Blake has been doing some research on Nick and finds out that Nick's brother Giani worked for Denver-Carrington, but was killed in the Mideast problems. Alexis starts trying to help Fallon in her "battle" against Krystle but Fallon doesn't want her help. Blake goes to a kind of trial against Logan Rhinewood, but with no luck. Fallon and Jeff are not getting along; Jeff doesn't care about Fallon, and Fallon is deeply in love with Nick. Blake gets an anonymous letter saying: "Why do so many frustrated wives end up in bed with their shrinks? Ask your wife." Blake also gets his sight back, but the only one who gets to know about it is Joseph.

Broadcast: 10-Feb-1982

29. The Iago Syndrome

Blake pretends he's still blind. Everything about Nick and Krystle is out in the open. Blake and Nick talks about the death of Nick's brother. Krystle brakes up with Nick and plans to leave Denver. Sammy Jo starts taking advantage of being a "rich mans wife". Blake does not like the idea of Steven being a racer driver and offers to adopt Jeff. Cecil, who has been helping Claudia finding Lindsay blackmails her to get information from Denver-Carrington if she wants to get more information. Blake persuades Krystle to stay in Denver when she tries to leave.

Broadcast: 17-Feb-1982

30. The Party

Blake announces that his sight is back. Alexis sleeps with Cecil. Fallon and Nick are friends again and wants to be together as soon as the baby is born. Steven and Sammy Jo decides to leave the mansion. Fallon and Alexis throws a party for them. Sammy Jo gets drunk and embarrasses the Carringtons. Claudia and Jeff seems to be getting good along. Everything about Cecil being Fallon's father is out in the open between Alexis and Fallon. In the end, Alexis and Fallon has an accident with their car and Fallon is left unconscious.

Broadcast: 24-Feb-1982

31. The Baby

Fallon is brought to the hospital and gives birth to a boy. The baby is very weak and the chances for survival are small. Fallon is deeply depressed after finding out about Blake not being her father, and doesn't want to see nor Blake or Alexis. Claudia sleeps with Jeff and steals his key to the archive in Blake's Denver-Carrington. Krystle talks to the groundsman at the mansion and finds out about Alexis' shooting when she lost the baby. Alexis and Krystle have a real "catfight" in Alexis' studio. Alexis' detective, Morgan Hess finds out that Krystle is not legally divorced from her former husband, Mark Jennings. Sammy Jo leaves Steven.

Broadcast: 03-Mar-1982

32. Mother and Son

Fallon and Jeff's baby has a surgery and things are looking better. Jeff discovers Claudia's "leak" to Cecil. Matthew and Lindsay disappears without trace in the jungle. Blake finds out about all the "father" trouble. Alexis blackmails the groundsman to tell Krystle he was wrong about Alexis shooting the horse, though Krystle won't believe him. Fallon and Jeff argues about custody of their child.

Broadcast: 10-Mar-1982

33. The Gun

Blake gets a meeting with Logan Rhinewood set up. Steven goes to Hollywood and finds Sammy Jo modeling in a cheap studio. Blake and Cecil takes a blood test and it proves that Blake is Fallon's real father. Alexis and Cecil start flirting with each other. The last news about Matthew and Lindsay is that they are dead. When Claudia finds out, she blames Cecil and wants to shoot him. Krystle tries to stop her, and in their struggle, the gun goes off.

Broadcast: 24-Mar-1982

Info Alert - Sammy Jo departs but makes several guest appearances over the next few seasons before becoming a regular again in season six.

34. The Fragment

Claudia is badly hurt after the shooting and has an operation at the hospital. The police starts asking questions and thinks Krystle is responsible for the accident. Blake finally gets to talk to Rhinewood, though it's just by using a microphone, so Blake can't see Rhinewood. What Blake doesn't know is that the man he's talking to really is Cecil. Cecil and Alexis sleeps with each other again and Cecil proposes to Alexis. Claudia survives but has talking problems and does not remember the accident.

Broadcast: 07-Apr-1982

35. The Shakedown

Claudia keeps accusing Krystle about her relationship with Matthew during his marriage. Steven is on his way home from Hollywood when he picks up a guy who wants a ride to Denver. When they get there, the guy tries to blackmail Steven. Steven beats him up, and is arrested for assault. Cecil has chest pains and seems to be getting heart problems. Blake accuses Alexis of shooting at Krystle's horse and threatens her.

b: 14-Apr-1982

36. The Two Princes

Fallon and Jeff's baby, Little-Blake Colby, is brought home. A nurse called Susan is hired to take care of him. Alexis accepts Cecil's proposal and they start making wedding plans. Claudia finally remembers exactly what happened the night she got injured. Rashid Ahmed wants to do more business with Blake.

Broadcast: 28-Apr-1982

Info Alert: Al Corley (Steven) departs the cast and makes his final appearance on the show.

37. The Cliff

Alexis prepares to have the wedding reception in Blake's garden. Rashid Ahmed's brother Farouk comes to Denver-Carrington to offer Blake a deal, but Blake turns it down. To get back at him, Farouk tells Nick that Blake is responsible for his brother's death. Steven leaves the mansion. Blake considers buying a big ranch and goes there with to look around. Blake goes alone for a ride in the mountains at the ranch. Nick follows him and starts accusing him for the brother's death. There's a big brawl, but they both calm down, and Nick leaves Blake alone. Blake's horse is then attacked by a snake. Blake gets thrown off and disappears down the hill. Nick watches Blake lying there unconscious, but leaves him. Little Blake disappears. Cecil has a heart attack when he's in bed with Alexis.

Broadcast: 04-May-1982



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