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Intrigue...Sex... Lies... Shoulder Pads...
Oh, and Alexis too!

Dynasty fans are getting more than their share of one of the Super Soaps of the 1980’s.  With the news of the upcoming Dynasty Reunion special slated to film in April and rumors of a feature film on the horizon, fans of the series are dusting off their shoulder pads and picking up copies of the book ‘Glamour, Greed & Glory: Dynasty” by Judith A. Moose and Paul D. Keylock.  The 704-page book is filled with information from the show’s humble beginnings to becoming one of the biggest success stories in television history. 

Also included in this monster-sized book is a synopsis on each episode complete with guest star guide, the most comprehensive character guide on the market, hundreds and hundreds of photographs, press releases, marketing campaigns, memorabilia and more.  The book’s foreword was written by Dynasty’s leading diva Joan Collins and is followed by introductions by the book’s two authors.  In an interesting twist, there’s even a section in which fans of the series shared their favorite moments and memories and a preview of things to come from the cast of the series.

“I bought the book last Christmas through Amazon and LOVED reading it!
It is the first time ever anyone wrote such a detailed and well-written book on our best-loved DYNASTY!!” - Bernard Carantinos

“It was well worth the wait sweet Dynasty gang. It is a great read and looks good too. It has a nice big easy to read print and is packed with very interesting information of our beloved show. I started to glance at it and found that I had been reading it for two whole hours!” – Jennifer Ellis

“Finally--The Book Dynasty Fans Have Been Waiting For… Thorough and fun… it’s a must for Dynasty fans!” – William L. Bailor

“I received this book a few days ago and couldn't believe my eyes. I got was 704 pages jammed with everything you can think of that's related to Dynasty and The Colbys. I never knew very much about Esther and Richard Shapiro's background but they've covered that nicely. The episode guides are huge! Chapter 12 has candid photos of the cast that I've never seen before. All in all, Glamour, Greed & Glory is a great read. Thank you Judith and Paul for writing "The gospel according to Blake Carrington!"” – Erin Cole

“I'm sure you've had a lot of  feedback on your book about the television series Dynasty, but I just wanted to let you know that I recently purchased your book as a gift for my grandmother (she is a long time Dynasty fan and I recently surprised her with your book as a gift). Needless to say, she was just THRILLED to receive it.  She reads a bit each day and is enjoying it tremendously.  As a part time writer myself, I know what it takes to write a short story or magazine article, but given the size and thoroughness of your book, I can't even begin to imagine the hours it must have taken to research, compile and write.  So good for you.  Congratulations!” – Paul Cunningham

“I’m so happy to have this book that I have been anticipating all year. I skimmed through the book and it looks really great with lots of great photos and info. I especially love all the TV Guide ads and magazine covers. This has to be one of the greatest books in history. You really did a great job bringing Dynasty to life in book form.” – Florann Singer

“I want to say that I got your book the end of November, and love it!  I couldn't put it down for hours--loved reading about the shows, and about the cast members, especially John Forsythe, who is my favorite!” – Debby McMichael-Delo

Issued in 2005 by Signing Stars Publishing (a division of JM Media Group), “Glamour, Greed & Glory: Dynasty” is available through, Barnes & Noble and other book retailers worldwide.

Cover price: $27.99 
ISBN: 1-4196-0375-2


  To order an author-signed copy with
  bonus materials please contact Judith
  Moose via either method below.

Judith A. Moose
  JM Media Group
  2753 South Highland Drive, Suite 1027
  Las Vegas, NV 89109 USA


  Signed Copies are $45.00 and includes
  shipping throughout the world.




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