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Alexis Marissa Morrell Carrington
Colby Dexter Rowan


In 1954, 17-year-old Alexis Morrell glanced up from a table and saw Blake Carrington across the room talking with Cecil Colby.  As she watched them she took a deep breath and by the time she exhaled, she was completely in love.  Blake asked her dance and as the band played "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered", Blake fell for the English beauty.  When they finished dancing Blake went to get them drinks.  Alexis looked at her cousins and sister and said, “I have just danced with the father of my children.”  Three days later Blake proposed.  Within a month Alexis Morrell was Mrs. Blake Carrington.   

In the beginning Alexis wanted nothing more than to be Blake’s adoring wife and mother to their first child Adam Alexander Carrington.  Alexis reveled in motherhood and was very protective of her darling baby.  On the morning of September 29, 1957 her happy existence was shattered when Adam was kidnapped.  She reached out for Blake for support but was met with coolness.  When she couldn’t lean on him she turned to others.  Cecil Colby was willing to lend an ear and before they knew it, they were having an affair.  Feeling incredibly guilty about the fling with Cecil, Alexis devoted herself to being the doting wife Blake wanted her to be.  She became pregnant again and gave birth to a baby girl.  When Fallon was born she became jealous of the attention that Blake showered on his daughter.  That jealousy remained even after giving birth to Steven because in the back of her mind, Alexis was upset with Blake for calling off the search for Adam and he was now trying to replace their first son with this one.

During their marriage Blake went on several business trips often leaving Alexis alone for weeks on end.  She became lonely and looked for attention outside of their marriage.  She had a few more affairs with Jimmy Decker and Sam Dexter among others.  The final blow to Blake and Alexis’ troubled marriage came when Blake found her in bed with Roger Grimes.  After beating Grimes senseless, he threw Alexis out of the house.  They attempted a reconciliation but it only lasted three months.  Blake discovered that Alexis had seen Grimes again and exiled her from Denver for good.  Giving in to his threats, Alexis left Blake and her children in 1965 with a $250,000 a year trust fund and the secret that she was pregnant with their fourth child. 

Upon her return to Denver, Alexis had mixed feelings about Blake.  On one hand she absolutely hated him for banishing her from her children.  On the other hand she wanted nothing more than to hear him say that he loved her and wanted her back.  Alexis married Cecil Colby and after his death a few minutes later, found herself one of the richest women in the world.  She used the money and position to lash back at Blake as revenge for everything he had done to her throughout the years and God help anyone who tried to stand in her way. 

Alexis was overjoyed when a young man named Michael Torrance presented her with a silver rattle and announced that he was Adam.  Fallon and she haven’t always seen eye to eye but they have forged a loving relationship.  Steven was and still is his mother’s favorite child.  Although horrified when Amanda arrived in Denver and publicly announced that she was Alexis’ youngest child, Alexis reluctantly gave in and adjusted to the fact that Blake had learned the truth.

Alexis has had more than her fair share of men in her life.  After luring Mark Jennings to Denver to break up Blake and Krystle’s marriage, she ended up sleeping with him instead then hired him to be her bodyguard.  She dallied with Rashid Ahmed whenever they were in the same city.  She met and married Farnsworth “Dex” Dexter.  When she found Dex in bed with Amanda, she immediately divorced him.  She was being wooed by the King of Moldavia but got rid of him when she discovered he was using her for her money. Then there was an innocent flirtation with Blake’s brother Ben and finally the unfortunate marriage to Sean Rowan.  Even with the array of men there was always something holding her back.  Although she did truly love Dex and later Sean, Alexis’ heart and soul would always belong to Blake.




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