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Adam Alexander Carrington is most definitely his mother’s son.  The first child of Blake and Alexis Carrington, Adam was kidnapped shortly before his first birthday on September 29, 1957 and raised by Kate Torrance.  Distraught over the loss of their son, Blake and Alexis spent three years searching for their firstborn but eventually called off the search and tried to move on the best they could.  Adam was renamed Michael Torrance and led to believe that Kate was his grandmother and he was the sole survivor of an auto accident that killed both of his parents.   

A lonely young man, Adam never quite fit in with his peers and turned to drugs as a way of escape.  His drug use led to a nervous breakdown and a residual affect of sometimes distorted thinking.  Putting his mental and dependency behind him, Adam went to Yale and graduated with a law degree.  He returned to Billings, Montana and went to work as an attorney.  It was on her deathbed that Kate finally told Adam who he was and supplied him with the proof needed to stake his claim to his birthright.  Armed with a silver rattle Adam arrived in Denver and after being thrown out of Blake’s office, he approached Alexis who (after seeing the rattle) immediately welcomed her baby back with open arms.   

Adam has a very jealous streak, particularly when it comes to Jeff and in his distorted frame of mind, poisoned him in retaliation for coming to work at ColbyCo.  He raped Kirby Anders and proceeded to pursue her even after she married Jeff.  When Adam discovered Kirby was carrying his child, he did a complete turnaround and became a responsible adult (at least for a little while).  He was mixed with hurt and rage when Kirby left Denver on Alexis’ orders and proceeded to turn into a bit of a playboy with a sinister edge by making passes at Sammy Jo and eventually marrying Claudia. 

After Claudia’s death, Adam returned to his playboy ways and seduced Dana Waring as a ploy to get information for Alexis as Dana was Blake’s personal assistant at the time.  What Adam didn’t count on was falling in love with and marrying the girl who had followed him from Billings, Montana with a secret that she’d been pregnant with his child but had aborted it many years before.   

Desperate for a child, Adam fathered a son with surrogate Karen Atkinson.  Fate again dealt a bad blow when Karen decided she wanted to keep the child and Adam was denied any type of custody or visitation.  His marriage to Dana was over and the entire experience left Adam even more bitter.  Like his mother, Adam has knows that there’s a very thin line between love and hate, but it seems he’s always ending up on the wrong side of the line.



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